Nextage has a unique feature: it is fully customisable, to adapt to any environment and any situation. Without opening the machine, just use the touch screen to program the coffee grinder functions easily and quickly, adjusting the grind fineness and the quantity of ground coffee. Simply access the coffee grinder programming menu, choose the coffee grinder (1 or 2) and select the desired grind fineness. The grinder is operated by an encoder motor that is controlled electronically by the touch screen. It is possible to program different ground coffee quantities for each individual selection, from 6.5 to 14 grams (+/- 0.5 gr).
The coffee volume programming is carried out directly from the beverage customisation menu. The volumetric dosing unit makes it possible to adjust the coffee volume electronically, so that, even when the grind fineness changes, the volume of coffee in the unit remains unchanged. Temperature in the cup is perfect from the start and can be easily managed from the touch screen. The pre-heating function heats all the parts that come into contact with coffee, and is fully customisable in a few seconds. Moreover, it is possible to change all the pre-heating settings with just 4 clicks.