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Nextage is the perfect professional solution for all environments and all situations. Just try it: its performance is particularly remarkable in the busiest hours of the day and in the most crowded locations, from bars to great catering services. In hotels, too, having breakfast where there is a Nextage machine available is a singular pleasure, a ritual to be adopted autonomously, to pamper oneself. Nextage is a modular machine with a modern and minimalist design and touch screen controls, designed to address the needs of its final user and to deliver a complete range of beverages.

Nextage has a quite distinctive modern design, made unique by the richness of the materials used and by its simple lines and linear shape. Every machine adapts perfectly to elegant and minimal locations, from fashion cafés to the breakfast rooms of classy hotels. Designed by Giuliano Galeazzi, Nextage is wholly manufactured in Italy, with materials and components chosen and developed to guarantee long-term performance even with intensive use.
The metal reinforced coffee brewing unit guarantees maximum reliability over time and the high volumes of the 600 cc coffee boiler and 1 litre water/steam boiler guarantee efficiency of use. Nextage is elegant and also slim, measuring only 36 cm in width. Moreover, it can be comfortable accessed from the front and side, to facilitate maintenance operations.


Nextage is operated by an intelligent system contained in its frontal digital interface, with easy and immediate access to all its functions. The touch screen is especially easy to use in a self-service context, thanks to the wide 7" display with a resolution of 800x840 pixel. The graphic symbols are intuitive, completely customisable and have a size of 160x160 pixel.
The Nextage models can dispense 8 to 12 different beverages, plus 3 extra selections: coffee blend 1 - coffee blend 2, dispenser height adjustment (from 70 to 200 mm, from ristretto to a coffee jug), multiple drinks (1 or 2 coffee and/or milk-based drinks at the same time), coffee jug function (up to 10 drinks on a continuous basis). Each version of the machine has a different touch screen layout, according to the machine capabilities and use: Master Top, Master Duo, Master Standard, Master Horeca.


Nextage is a machine that offers a thousand solutions, perfect for every location, from bars to self-service areas, as it adapts to the needs of the customer. The machine offers a wide choice of beverages with one touch, and by mixing coffee, fresh milk and chocolate it is possible to create drinks such as capchoc and milk-chocolate (not available in the Master Duo version). Thanks to its double cappuccinatore, the machine can dispense two cappuccinos or any other two milk-based drinks at the same time, simply by touching a button. Nextage can dispense up to 60 cappuccinos an hour, and is therefore the ideal tool to serve customers during the busiest times of the day.
Drink selection is also extremely easy, thanks to the dedicated touch screen icons. To widen the range of customisable drinks, Saeco designed the Nextage line to operate also with pre-ground coffee, with decaffeinated coffee or other special blends. Nextage models are also characterised by dedicated hot water and steam wands. It is possible to adjust the hot water temperature directly from the wand, and lovers of "Latte Art" can use the steam wand to create creamy cappuccinos (the hot water and steam wands are not present on the Nextage Horeca model, so as to ensure customer safety in self-service premises).